Blues Burger Bonn: It was delicious

Looking for a decent Burger Place in Bonn? Don’t look no further, I may have found the one for you: Blues Burger at Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz.  (Werbung)

Blues Burger
A delicious Avocado Burger awaits being eaten

Blues Burger: The Burger Place you will love

Disclaimer: I am not sure if I have to mark this as an add – but just in case, consider this to be an add (WERBUNG). However, I was not paid by Blues Burger or anyone else to write this, and this is my own opinion.

Chris and I met for taking photos for his instagram account (link below) in Bonn a couple of days ago. And so it happened that he invited me to Blues Burger for an early dinner.

I love good burgers, and I have been to many places in the US but also in Europe before. Currently, burgers seem to experience some kind of a hype in Europe or especially Germany. I have the impression that burger places are popping up everywhere and are becoming an ubiquitous addition to cities like those Starbucks-like coffee places.

So I thought, no big deal, just another burger place in the middle of Bonn. But I was wrong. I was completely surprised by the quality of what I should get – which is my main motivation of writing this little blog entry.

When we entered the place it was quite early for dinner. But missing lunch I was kind of in the mood for a decent meal already. So it was no surprise that not many guests were present. Being thirsty but not wanting a sugary drink or a beer, I just ordered some water and so did Chris.

Just some glas of water at Blues Burger
I ordered a glass of water. This is what I got

And look, what we got. There is this fancy glass with water and a little decoration: A strawberry, a slice of a lemon, and some mint leaves. Very nice!

Our burgers

For the main dish, each of us decided on a burger menu. That means that the burger will come along with fries and salad. A special sauce for the fries is included, too, as is one soft drink (if I recall correctly).

And we did not have to wait long before our orders arrived.

Chris enjoying his chili burger
Chris enjoying his chili burger

We got each a large burger as you can see from the photos. My Avocado-burger had in addition to the patty with cheese, salad and about half an avocado (you guessed it) in slices on it. A matching and very tasty sauce accompanied the ensemble. To be honest, I forgot to ask Chris about the composition of his burger. But both burgers were very delicious. And usually, nobody really talks about the bun used for the burger. In this case it is definitely worth mentioning: The bun was out of the extraordinary!

A milk shake for desert

Finishing our burger menus, we actually did not intend to order any kind of desert. But somehow someone very nice talked us into a milk shake. And that was a very good idea, indeed. So I head an Oreo-Cookie one.

Oreo-Cookie Milk Shake
Oreo-Cookie Milk Shake

Also the milk shakes are served in those fancy glasses. For decoration pieces of Oreo cookies were even attached to the glass using something like Nutella. It was also very delicious.

After finishing up we decided that we should call it a day and rescheduled the rest of the photo shoot.

I completely enjoyed the experience Blues Burger. This was certainly not my last visit to that place. As far as I am concerned: This is a recommendation!


Blues Burger Bonn: (external link)
Chris at Instagram: (external link)

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